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We don't source our teas, we produce them. Tea Journal has two family owned tea plantations located in Yunnan, south-west of China. 

All of our teas are completely organic, hand picked, hand crafted and carefully hand packaged in store. We pride ourselves on the quality of our tea, to the point that we can confidently say that our customers are drinking the some of the best Chinese teas in Australia. 

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"Simply divine. Tea Journal's Oolong Black Tea is the most calming tea I have ever enjoyed. Truly mesmerising."

- Teagan Stellar

"I have tried more than 6 different types of tea leaves from Tea Journal and can confidently say that it does not disappoint! Will continue to restock at Tea Journal as long as I drink tea!"

- Arthur James

"The flavour of the tea truly packs a punch. Much more flavoursome than grocery store tea. I'll never look back!"

- Jenna Li

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