Yixing Puple Clay Tea Set - Brown

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The yixing purple clay teapot is reputed as the "first of all tea-sets in the world" for its unique material and characteristics;tea inside it does not seep though no glaze is applied on its surface, tea brewed in it tastes rich and mellow for the teapot is porous;tea in it does not decay or change its colour when kept overnight,it long retains its full flavour, for the base clay is odourless; the teapot keeps tea warm in winter, but not hot for the hand in summer, it does not crack when heated on a stove or when boiling water is poured in; the longer it is used, the more lustrous it becomes, the more refined and classic it looks, and the more fragrant the tea kept in it. 

Includes: Our Yixing Purple Clay Tea Set features a tea pot, two sipping tea cups and a tea leaf canister.

Material: Yixing Purple Clay