Tea Journal’s story started in 2015, where our humble tea plantation in China started our international expansion. From the mountains in Yunnan, the owner of Tea Journal Sunny Huang wants to share his tea story to the world. With over 10 years of tea experience, Sunny has always been influenced by tea, from growing up in the tea plantation he has always seen to be destined with Tea. Now filled with knowledge and passion, he aims to share his knowledge of tea in a more modern approach and bring the health, and meditative quality of tea into the international market.


The vision of Tea Journal is simple, to serve the best quality Chinese tea in a traditional yet simplified way. We want our customers to experience the rich nutrients of our tea leaves through simple tea making methods. We also want the tea culture to spread across the international market and make Tea “Cool” again! We aim for everybody to have access to premium quality tea leaves, so the community can enjoy the health and meditative quality that good tea can bring to an individual. We want to create a better world with laughter and smiles through one sip of a tea at a time.
#smell #sip #smile :)